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Anex Management (Seychelles) LTD

Anex Management (Seychelles) Ltd, established in 1995, is a duly registered and regulated corporate service provider in Seychelles offering a complete range of Corporate Administration services catering to the clients’ specific needs.

Anex Management (Seychelles) Ltd provides tailor-made solutions for its clients who are looking for the perfect way to make the Seychelles products work for them.

As a Corporate Service Provider, we are licensed to provide a full range of services such as:

  • Registered Agent and registered office facilities

  • Provision of directors, secretary and nominee shareholding

  • Migration in and out of Seychelles

  • Opening of bank accounts and bank signatory services

  • Winding up and dissolution of activities

  • Company formation & administration for entities such as IBC and CSL

Attractiveness of Seychelles

Seychelles, an independent republic located in the western Indian Ocean some 1000kms north east of Mauritius, entered the International Offshore Financial centre arena in 1994. With its low annual fees, convenient time zone, political independence and English system of law and business, Seychelles has grown to become one of the most popular Offshore Company registration locations.

The main advantages of using Seychelles are:

  • Stable and independent as a country

  • Network of Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties in force

  • No public disclose of Beneficial owner, Shareholder or Director

  • Fast incorporation, usually within 1 - 2 business days

  • Low incorporation and renewal fees

  • Lower taxes for IBCs than any other jurisdictions

  • Multi-lingual incorporation documents allowed

  • Corporate nominees permitted (including those from other jurisdictions)

IBC (International Business Company)

An IBC (International Business Company) is the most commonly used type of offshore company in Seychelles. The Seychelles IBC is very similar to the BVI (British Virgin Island) IBC. The Seychelles International Business Companies Act 1994 regulates the formation, tax benefits and general structure of the IBC. An IBC is not considered as tax resident and hence by law is not subject to any tax on income or profits.

The main restrictions imposed on IBC are:

  • It may not carry business in Seychelles

  • It may not do banking insurance and registered agent business without specific license

  • It may not own real estate in Seychelles

The key features on an IBC are:

  • No tax

  • Strict confidentiality, the identity of all parties involved are NOT part of public record

  • Fast incorporation, 1-2 business days

  • No requirements to file accounts with the Registrar

The potential uses of an IBC are:

  • Professional services company (PSC)

  • Investment company

  • International trading comapny

  • Property holding company

  • Shipping company

  • Royalty copyright and patent holding company

CSL (Special License Company)

The Seychelles Special License Company (CSL) is a type of entity introduced by the Seychelles Companies (Special Licenses) Act 2003. Its most attractive feature is that it has access to Seychelles numerous Double Tax Avoidance Agreements. Contrary to an IBC, a CSL company is tax resident in Seychelles, hence is liable to 1.5% tax on its worldwide income. However a 100% tax credit is available in most cases, for tax suffered overseas.

Main requirements:

  • Requires a Registered Office in Seychelles

  • Requires a Seychelles resident Licensed Company Secretary

  • A minimum of 2 natural directors (foreigner or local) are required, which names are recorded on a Public Register

  • Nominee shareholders are permissible

  • A minimum of 2 shareholders (no need for natural or local shareholder)

  • All information disclosed at registration is subject to privacy laws and not available to the public

The key features of a CSL are:

  • Substantial savings on Withholding Tax (WHT) when repatriating dividends etc to countries with which Seychelles signed DTA

  • Low business tax at 1.5% on worldwide income

  • Ownership Privacy as details of beneficial owners are not publicly available while nominee shareholder can be used

  • A CSL is permitted to operate within the Seychelles, subject to certain conditions

The potential uses of a CSL are:

  • Offshore Banking

  • Human Resources

  • Offshore Insurance and re-insurance

  • Undertaking the business of Investment management and advice

  • Marketing

  • Investment Services

  • Intellectual Property Holding

  • Any other business approved by Seychelles FSA