Anex Trustee

Anex Trustee Limited

Anex Trustee Limited, is a duly licensed company by the Financial Services Commission Mauritius, which caters for establishment and administration of Trusts and providing trusteeship services.

A Trust is an arrangement for the holding and administration of property under which property or legal rights are vested by the owner of the property (the Settlor) in a person or persons (the Trustees). The Trustees then hold the property for the benefit of others (the Beneficiaries).

The Mauritius Trust Act 2001 governs the law of trust in Mauritius. Mauritius offshore trusts are legal structures used for asset protection, inheritance planning and wealth management purposes.

Through the use of trusts it is often possible for family assets to be preserved over succeeding generations substantially free from taxation, probate requirements, succession laws, expropriation and foreign exchange controls. There is no requirement in Mauritius to register trusts, thereby maintaining confidentiality.

The Trust Act 2001 makes provision for the following types of trusts:

  • Private: including discretionary, accumulation and maintenance, life interest and fixed interest trusts

  • Corporate: including pension and employee benefit trusts

  • Charitable: solely for the benefit of charitable organisations

  • Purpose: specific, reasonable and capable of fulfilment and not immoral, unlawful or contrary to public policy

Main benefits of Mauritius Trusts

  • Confidentiality of trustee deliberations as registration of the trust is not compulsory

  • Possibility to accumulate income for any period within the duration of the trust

  • Anti forced heir ship rules

  • Concept of managing and custodian trustee

  • Possibility to establish letters and memorandum of wishes

  • May apply for a GBL 1 licence and can thus benefit from the network of DTAs

  • Migration of Trust possible

  • Trusts may also be used for the purposes of structuring funds and collective investment schemes