Stanhope Corporate Services

Management & Stanhope Corporate Services Limited

Stanhope Corporate Services & Management Services Ltd was established since 1996 and is a Corporate Secretarial service provider in Mauritius. We believe in providing tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of our clients as well as ensure that the industry’s ongoing requirement for compliance is always met.

Stanhope corporate services

Our experienced team of professionals also advises on the use of Mauritius for effective corporate structuring, legal compliance and tax planning. Stanhope corporate services act as business facilitator for foreign investors willing to invest in Mauritius and help and assist the investors in the numerous procedures involved in foreign investment. We are also a trusted service provider to expatriates in Mauritius by providing a hassle free re-location and taking care of all application permits and relocation needs.

Our full range of services include:

  • Company formation and Corporate Secretary

  • Directorship

  • Due Diligence & Compliance

  • Registration of Trade names and Trademark

  • Application for Freeport Licence

  • Work and Live in Mauritius – Occupation and Residence permits

Company formation and Company secretarial services

Our qualified chartered secretaries have been providing corporate administration and resident representative services for over 18 years and these services include:

  • Advising clients and prospective clients on the selection of the right corporate structure to meet their business objectives

  • Circulating all documentation to shareholders and co-ordinating the administration

  • Keeping and maintaining all statutory registers, company minute book and records at the registered office

  • Undertaking registration formalities with MRA and Social Security services

  • Registration with the Data Protection office

  • Preparing notices and agendas, Attending and taking minutes of meetings of shareholder, director and committees

Directorship services

Resident directorship is a key service required by companies which are set up and administered in Mauritius.

We provide professional directors with requisite experience of company administration and management. We also have a list of independent directors, should you wish to opt for external directors.

Legal & Compliance

Adherence to the compliance framework is becoming more and more complex and demanding these days. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you for:

  • Due Diligence exercises- on all relevant parties involved in the entity

  • Issuance of Compliance Report

  • FATCA Compliance

  • Provision of Money Laundering Reporting Officer Services (“MLRO”)

  • Compliance with code of corporate governance


Being in a strategic position in the Indian Ocean between Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe, the Mauritius Freeport is an ideal logistics and marketing hub which enables companies to trade in the region.

A domestic company authorised to operate in the Freeport zone can obtain significant fiscal and commercial advantages by combining the benefits of COMESA and SADC membership, the double tax treaties and commercial preferences of Mauritius.

The Freeport legislation enables the investor to access a cost-effective logistics platform with advantages including:

  • Zero Corporate tax on profits and free repatriation of profits

  • Reduced port handling charges for goods destined for re-export

  • Access to the local market

  • Exemption from customs duties on goods and equipment imported

  • Modern computerised stock management and other support systems

  • Modern and customised infrastructural facilities in the Freeport zone