Anex Products & Services
Anex Products & Services

Anex Products & Services

Anex Products & Services is one of the pioneers of the global business industry in Mauritius. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, we have a lot to offer in terms of Anex Products & Services. We have built expertise and excellence in structuring, set-up and administration of Investment Funds, Trusts, Partnerships, Foundations and Special Purpose Vehicles. We provide tax-compliant and cost-efficient solutions that deliver investor protection, capital efficiency as well as administrative and compliance ease to our clients

Company Secretarial & Administrative Services

  • Directorship & Trusteeship Services
  • Registered office & Fiduciary Services

Compliance & Corporate Governance Services

  • FATCA/CRS/BEPS Reporting
  • MLRO services & Training on AML/CFT
  • Ensure Compliance & Implementation of Corporate Governance

Third Party Fund Administration:

Fund Accounting Services

  • Calculation of Net Asset Value
  • Preparation of portfolio valuation reports
  • Reconciliation statements with banks, brokers and other service providers
  • Maintenance of individual investor account statements
  • Preparation of interim and annual financial statements

Fund Administration Services

  • Processing of subscriptions, redemptions and bank transfers
  • Maintaining of share register
  • Carrying out KYC compliance review
  • Attending to queries from investors, investment managers and third parties
  • Disseminating statement of holdings and NAV reports to investors

Expatriate Support and Residency

  • Work and Residence Permits
  • Relocation Services
  • Office Set-up

Advisory Services

  • Financial & legal due diligence
  • Feasibility & Risk study
  • Start-Up & SME Advisory
  • Personal taxation (Large Tax Payers)
  • Other Corporate services

Accounting & Tax

  • IFRS accounting
  • Book-keeping & Financial Reporting
  • Computation & Tax Returns
  • Payroll Services
Anex Products & Services
Anex Products & Services

Some Anex Products & Services

The Mauritius Offshore company activities have been categorized in two types namely Global Business Licence Category 1 Company (GBL1) or Global Business Category 2 Company (GBL2). A GBL1 company is a tax resident company that can take advantage of Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) that Mauritius has signed with 43 countries so far. It is ideally suited, for example, for all investments to third countries, with which Mauritius has signed a DTA, which are likely to generate a flow of income in future years such as dividends, interest, royalties or capital gains. The following are Anex Products & Services offered; GBL 1 Company,GBL 2 Company;Trust/Foundation,Protected Cell Company, Domestic Company,International Business Companies,Global Funds (Open ended or Close ended), Overseas Family Office, Regional Headquarter/Global Headquarter.

The Anex Products & Services provided to these Global entities includes:Company Secretarial & Administrative Services,Directorship & Trusteeship Services,Registered office & Fiduciary Services,Compliance & Corporate Governance Services,FATCA/CRS/BEPS Reporting,MLRO services & Training on AML/CFT, Ensure Compliance & Implementation of Corporate Governance,Third Party Fund Administration including Fund Accounting Services and Fund Administration Services, Expatriate Support and Residency Services,Advisory Services and Accounting & Tax.

GBL 1 Company

GBL 2 Company


Protected Cell Company

Domestic Company

International Business Companies

Global Funds
(Open ended or Close ended)

Overseas Family Office

Regional Headquarter/Global Headquarter