Work & Live in Mauritius

Work & Live In Mauritius

Work & Live in Mauritius is a the best place for you as it is a strategic financial business center situated in the Indian Ocean. It was ranked 1st in Sub-Saharan Africa by the Global Opportunity Index, and is rated as one of the economies that is most open to foreign investment and achieved the highest Ease of Doing Business score on the African Continent. Mauritius success as a financial center of substance is a result its political and socio-economic stability added to its compliance to international standards of good governance, ethics and transparency. Ideally located at the cross roads between Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Work & Live in Mauritius is the platform of choice for investors who intend to hold and structure investments in many of the world’s fast emerging economies.

Added to the above, Work & Live in Mauritius can boast of many advantages for potential investors, namely:

  • Attractive fiscal policies

  • Member of the COMESA, SADC and the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Corporation

  • Work and live in Mauritius through the Property Development Scheme

  • Sophisticated legal and regulatory framework

  • Convenient time zone (GMT +4)

  • Provision of high quality local services

  • Reliable and modern infrastructures with modern and efficient telecommunication services

  • Ability of Setting up Freeport Companies within 48 hours

  • Ease of set up and operation

  • Signatory to Invest Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPA) with several countries

Work & Live in Mauritius – Occupation and Residence permits

Recently, the business architecture in Mauritius has been redesigned to offer foreign investors a user friendly and hassle free business environment. Hence, an eligible non-citizen, with his family, is allowed to reside and work in Mauritius for a maximum of three years by applying for an Occupation permit.

The minimum criterion to be met for each type of occupation permit is as follows:

  • Investor – Annual turnover exceeding MUR. 4 million

  • Self-employed – Annual income exceeding MUR. 600,000.

  • Professional – Monthly salary exceeding MUR. 30,000.

We will ensure that your re-location is smooth and stress free. Our experienced team will handle all applications for work and residence permits and duty concessions facilities for expatriates.

Taxation in Mauritius

Mauritian residents are taxed on their worldwide income whereas non-residents are taxed on their income derived from sources in Mauritius. There is no capital gains tax, no withholding taxes and no exchange controls in Mauritius.

Fiscal Rates

  • Domestic Companies

    Domestic companies are taxed at 15% on their chargeable income.

  • GBC 1 Companies

    GBC 1 companies are taxed at an effective rate of 3% on their chargeable income. The effective tax rate can be further reduced to 0% based on their foreign tax suffered.

  • GBC 2 Companies

    GBC 2 companies are exempt from any income tax in Mauritius as they are not considered as tax resident.

  • Trusts

    Resident trusts are taxed at 15%.

    Trusts that hold a GBC 1 licence are taxed at an effective rate of 3%.

    Trusts with non resident settlors and beneficiaries are exempt from tax if election is made.

  • Foundations

    Foundations are taxed at 15%.

    Foundations that hold a GBC 1 licence are taxed at an effective rate of 3%.

    A Mauritius Foundation can also elect to be non-resident by the Council filing a declaration to that effect with the Commissioner of Income Tax and be exempted from all income tax.

  • Resident and Non-resident individuals

    Both resident and non-resident individuals are taxed at a flat rate of 15%.